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Automechanix have over 20 years of experience in vehicle repair. With jobs ranging from roadside breakdowns to essential repair work, our technicians are equipped to carry out all common repair and maintenance tasks.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufaturer) Parts

"Original Equipment Manufacturer" means that a part was made by the same provider as your vehicle's original components.

The alternative option to using OEM parts is to use Aftermarket parts - these are parts made by a third company, not the original manufacturer used for your vehicle.

Key differences between OEM and Aftermarket parts


Because an OEM part is sourced directly from your car manufacturer's own suppliers, it will be made to the same specifications as the original part on your vehicle.
This means that it will have passed the same road safety tests that your vehicle did before being road-legal - and perhaps more importantly, it has been specifically designed to work safely as part of your vehicle.


While this is not always necessarily the case, OEM parts can sometimes be more expensive than their Aftermarket alternative. There are a number of possible reasons for this, from the quality of materials used in the part to the labour costs involved in producing it.


Since the EU Block Exemption law came into place in 2003, repairs undertaken outside of a main dealer will not void your warranty as long as they are completed using OEM parts. This means that you can repair your vehicle at an independent garage and still enjoy your continued warranty cover.

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